About Rhino Contracting


About Our Company

Rhino Contracting Inc. is an Underground Utility Contractor. The company was established in 2000 and is owned and operated by Andrew Lamoureux, who has over 25 years of experience in the industry. We specialize in underground utility installation via Horizontal Directional Drilling. Some of the utilities that we install are: Fiber Optic Cable, Cable TV Mainlines and Services, Gas Mains and Services, Water and Sewer Lines, Duct Banks, Phone lines, Tri-Duct, Primary Power Lines and more.

This is a seasonal line of work. We begin each year when the frost is out of the ground (usually late April, early May) and we work until the ground has around 6 inches of frost, which is usually late November, early December. Although seasonal, we do emergency repairs in the winter when requested, such as gas or electric repairs, fiber cut repairs, etc.

Each year we continue to grow. Rhino Contracting employs approximately 30-40 employees during the season. We’ve expanded our work into Fargo, ND and surrounding areas. Most of our jobs are located in the tri-state area of North Dakota, Northwestern Minnesota and Eastern South Dakota. We have also completed projects in Montana and Arizona. Although seasonal work, we do explore projects that are in other states where the climate is warmer, and our equipment can run steady and without weather-related issues.

Safety First

Throughout the years, more and more utility companies are opting to put their materials (electric, gas, fiber, etc.) underground. With so many utilities already established in the utility easements, road ROW, etc, there are laws and guidelines that every company needs to follow. Rhino’s priority is to make sure we do each job safely and professionally, from beginning to end. Our mission is to make sure each job that we do, is done with the quality of workmanship while maintaining the safety of the jobsite, employees and community. It is important to us that we put safety first to ensure the job is done right the first time.