Locating Utilities

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Often times our work will take us into the front yards of people who are unrelated to our project and we understand that property owners have concerns about how we will treat their property. Rhino Contracting is committed to treating those property owners as though they are customers of the firm. 


When do we use door hangers?

When we come out for the preliminary survey. Generally, we will white flag our intended route at this time.  However, if we have not white flagged the route it may mean that we need access to the yard.

Why do we use door hangers?

To inform the homeowner of impending work.

What should the homeowner do when they receive this?

It is best to call our office and inform us you have received this. That way if you have any questions or concerns, we can address them prior to the work.


  What our door hanger looks like.

Customer Door Tag


Color codes for marking underground utility lines:

utilities color coded chart

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